Getech parking systems is the ideal solution for commercial, public, and residential use, especially for buildings with limited space, where sufficient parking positions are required. They are equipped with hydraulic lifting cylinders and ropes, in combination with mechanical interlocks, making it safer and more durable for long term use.


DCS – 2D/2P doubles the available parking space and is suitable for enterprise and residential buildings, car dealers, rental areas and parking buildings where the long-term parking goes on the platform and the short-term parking on the space below. It features hydraulic direct drive with multi-stage cylinder.


DP-2I/2P is also available in multi version according to your needs where it requires n + 1 posts for 2*n parking spaces with an additional cost reduction and space saving because two neighbor systems can share the same post (column). Besides there is possibility, two units to share the same power pack.


DCS-2DL is a smart modification of DCS-2D/2P, suitable for installations where available ceiling height is limited. These features make this product ideal for, existing buildings, as no site works are required for installation.


DPS-xRyC is a puzzle parking system serving the needs of high traffic buildings (offices, parking buildings etc) where the required space is available. It doesn’t require a pit and is designed to operate in a way that ensures accessibility to all platforms automatically. The total of serving platforms derives from R x C – (R – 1) where R represents rows and C represents columns. DPS-xRyC is a very versatile piece of machinery because it provides multiple solutions depending on the number of rows and columns selected by the customer.