The MRL Traction Lift eliminates the disadvantage of the classic traction lift, which is the need of a machine room. The MRL traction machine is fitted inside the shaft whilst the controller is fitted in a stainless steel cabinet adjacent to the top floor landing door post.

Two different configurations are offered; The BASIC MRL, which is an economic choice with direct suspension and a two speed or VVVF geared motor and the ECO MRL, which is the ultimate choice with indirect 1:2 suspension and VVVF encoder controlled gearless motor.

• Compliance with EN 81 regulations and directive 95/16/ΕC
• Capacity range from 450 kg up to 2.000 kg
• Speed up to 1.6m/sec
• Travel up to 100m (32 stops)
• Low noise and smooth operation
• Stiff structure
• Standard automatic emergency operation