Facade Hoists

Facade cleaning hoists are mainly used to clean facades but can also be used to exchange facade elements and window elements. Getech facade cleaning hoists can run either on tracks or concrete. Chassis running on concrete are guided appropriately. The technical data is listed in the table below.All the different types of facade cleaning hoists have drum lifting gear used for lifting and lowering the personnel lift (PL). In addition, all hoist types can be traversed or turned using a motor. Getech facade cleaning hoists stand out through their special extra functions including tilting and telescoping of the boom and/or the masts.As an option a load winch can be incorporated to change glass or an element. All facade cleaning hoists are designed, manufactured and commissioned in accordance with EN1808 – Safety requirements on suspended Access Equipment.We will of course plan, design and manufacture special systems for you adapted to their intended use. In addition to the provision and installation of systems for new buildings, we also exchange old devices for new.



Using gantries, you can clean glass roofs and facades from the inside and the outside. You can make these units move electrically and mechanically. If required they can be equipped with telescopic ladder towers.


Cleaning ladders

Façade ladders allow for vertically and horizontally moving across the whole façade. Control is carried out using the manual control or the winch drive. The platform can be made move manually using a rope winch as well as electrically using a through running winch.




Monorail units consist of a 2m rope suspended working platform and a monorail system (a rail). You can make the platform move manually and electrically. Lifting is done by through running winches.