We supply:
• Hydraulic Lifts
• Traction Lifts
• Elevators, Escalators & Moving Walks
• Building Maintenance units
• Parking Systems

We are supplied with:
• Valves for hydraulic lifts from BLAIN, Germany
• Pistons from HYDRONIC-Italy (former KONE factory)
• Machines for traction lifts from SASSI and MONTANARI, Italy
• Automatic sliding car and landing doors from PRISMA and WITTVR, Italy and MAC-PUARSA, Spain
• Automatic folding car doors from ALPHA SYSTEMS, Greece
• Swing opening landing doors from HAS, Turkey
• Flexible cables from GEBAUER & GRILLER, Austria

Our aim is to supply a complete range of components for any type of lift with the best possible combination in quality and price. We achieve this target producing the majority of the parts and importing the rest directly from specialized suppliers. In this way, our customers are able to buy from us either components or complete lifts.