Automatic Sliding car and landing doors
Having entered into a partnership with high profile European door manufacturers, Doppler is in position to supply any type of automatic door for use in private houses, residential flats, commercial centers, offices, multi-storey car parks, super markets, and industrial applications. Primarily characterized by:

• Low noise, reliable and smooth operation using VVVF driven motor.
• Option for automatic emergency operation
• Wide variety of choices depending on the needs of the building
  » Epoxy painted
  » Finished in various stainless steel patterns
  » Glass panels with or without stainless steel frame
  » Round shaped
• Easy installation
• Wide span of life with minimum maintenance
• Fire rated certification if required

Automatic Sliding car and landing doors
Photocell or full heightlight curtain is fitted to every car door, ensuring passengers’ safety while entering or leaving the cabin.

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Swing opening landing doors

Selected as an economic solution for both passenger and goods lifts. Entrance clearances vary from 600 to 3000mm, single panel, two-panels or four-panels, satisfying a wide range of applications.

• Stiff and reliable structure
• Easy installation and maintenance
• Wide range of paints and finishes

Automatic folding car doors
The automatic folding car door is the ideal solution for lifts with swing opening landing doors. The main advantage is the small shaft width required. Distinguished for:

• Stiff and reliable structureSwing opening landing doors
• Smooth and low noise operation
• Easy installation and maintenance
• Post depth 80 or 100mm
• Epoxy painted or stainless steel panel selection